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As part of our “relaunch” after having had to shut down our casino hire operations due to the pandemic, we have spent our downtime developing our new website. We interviewed Samantha Smith owner of the company to find out why, what and how!

An Interview with Samantha Smith

We sat with Sam and asked her a number of questions about the new website, here are her answers:

Question: So why a new website?

Sam: It was a combination of reasons. Firstly we had the time to look at the business during lockdown and I had wanted to replace the website for a while. The old one was showing its age, didn’t reflect what we do, wasn’t device friendly and was more words than pictures. We needed to bring our web presence up to age!

Question: You say it wasn’t device friendly, what do you mean by that?

Sam: Over 70% of our customers make their first visit to a casino website using their mobile. I wanted a website that wasn’t just mobile friendly but could be viewed on any device including tablets and pads. I also wanted a website that could adjust itself to the various screen sizes on a modern smartphone. Our design agency used a method called responsive design, where the website adjusts its width, graphics, text etc to the device its been shown on. That means the site visitor gets the best viewing experience possible.

Question: The old website didn’t have enough graphics and photo’s according to you. Why is this important.

Sam: We are a people business. We give customers and their guests memories and enjoyment and our tables are run by our fantastic and friendly staff, so its all about people. We wanted to show prospective customers what that looked like, so the new website has plenty of pictures of our events, they aren’t library photographs. All the photographs used of people on our website have been taken at one of our events. We also felt the copy on our original website was a bit staid. So on the new website we have livened it up and also laid it out in a user friendly way.

Question: We have taken a look at the new website and it seems very easy to get round.

Sam: We started off with the navigation and agreed this before any screen design work or copy was started. We knew we wanted to get information about what we offer across but we also wanted to pass on our experience to old and new customers. There’s a lot of useful stuff on our website about the different types of event, the games themselves and we have included Tips and even have an area called Event Ideas which customers can visit for inspiration. So as a website visitor looking for Casino Hire you can go straight to requesting a quote or use or website to firm up your ideas and plans.

Question: What else is new on the website?

Sam: Well in addition to it having more content its also got a very comprehensive enquiry form where potential customers can give us as much or as little detail of their planned event. The more information they give us the more we can help them and also give them an accurate quote. We also have this News Section and an Events Gallery. This is a set of pictures from the event, that we take, and will publish on the website, so that people can look back at their casino experience. Of course if a customer doesn’t want photographs of the event publishing we will follow their wishes.

Question: So overall what is the best thing about the new website?

Sam: I think it puts across what a professional but also approachable business we are, sticking with the family values we started with. We have always prided ourselves on the service we supply and the website successfully puts that across. Casino Knights are seen as one of the best Casino Hire businesses around and I think you can see that from the care we have put into developing the new website. It truly is a one stop resource for anyone wanting Casino Hire, whether they are new to it or have run events before.

When we finished the interview Sam asked us to thank the web design team at Communique who took the initial brief and, through working in partnership improved it and delivered the new Casino Knights website. “They have a similar ethos to ourselves, the customer is King.” said Sam “ They are also highly professional and spend a lot of time explaining why something is needed. Things like the responsive design were foreign to me at the start of the project but I now understand a lot more about website layout, content and flow. I would recommend them to anybody, except my competitors of course!”

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