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Our experience over the years has taught us that the people who know best are the organisers of a Casino Event – you, our customers. So whilst we don’t book entertainers, provide a disco and lights or theme an event we can give you advice if you want it. We can also give you names and contact details for people we have worked with in the past.

In this section of our website we have put together some of this advice to help you make your celebration or event an even more unforgettable experience...

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Themed Events.

There are many different themes you can have which work really well with a Fun Casino.

Making it a themed casino event really allows you to make it that extra bit special. You can bring all the glamour of Hollywood or all the glitter of Las Vegas right to your event. With a little imagination and advice from us, we can make your themed night exceptional.

If you have a specific event or night approaching and you want to make it a “break from the norm” then by hiring a mobile casino you can do something that people will remember for years to come, as well as hosting a themed party where the fun keeps on rolling!

A few theme ideas...

Bond 007.

It’s a simple theme, Bond’s in a Tux, villains as they appear in the films and other glamorous guests. Easy to organise with a few props around and not too hard for guests, who can go as far as they want!

Fancy Dress Nights.

There aren’t too many opportunities to wear fancy dress these days, but a Fun Casino Night is one. You can theme it Wild West, Super Hero's... the list is endless.

Glamorous Las Vegas, Hollywood or Bollywood.

Get the catwalk props out and just ask people to come looking gorgeous!

Peaky Blinders.

Peaky Blinders has fast become a very popular themed evening.Whaether you fancy yourself as Thomas Shelby or Aunt Poll or just an excuse to dress up in this 1920 era.

Black & White Ball.

So very simple, dress up in black or white or a maybe black and red to keep it Casino Themed? And props can be all manner of things mono!

Music Based.

Whether its Glam Rock, 70’s Disco, Abba, 80’s Retro or Punk, guests can dress up and the music can be themed by your DJ or better still your Tribute act.

Tips Time.

Just a few do’s, don’ts and good practice tips for your Themed event:


Do make it easy for guests to follow your theme, some will throw themselves into it, others will only make a token effort.


Do try and supply some cheap personal props at the event, if it’s a fund raiser these can be sold to individuals, especially those who haven’t made an effort.


Do make the theme clear to your guests beforehand and explain what it is. Do offer a prize to “Best Dressed” if it’s appropriate.


Don’t expect everybody to take part, some people don’t like standing out, and don’t draw attention to them if they are like that.


Don’t worry if you can’t afford/get props. If you can then there are good hire companies (try and there are also lo-cost theme providers (try


Don’t penny pinch, in the entertainment industry a cheap price usually means an inferior offer! We’ve got plenty of Fun Casino Party and Event ideas and suggestions for you based on the experience that comes from helping many other people with their events. So get in touch with us.

Good Practice.

Give yourself plenty of time to get your event planned and organised, that way it will be an even greater success.

Good Practice.

Talk to all your suppliers and venue management about what’s planned, their input can be invaluable.

We’ve got plenty of Fun Casino Party and Event ideas and suggestions for you based on the experience that comes from helping many other people with their events. So get in touch with us.

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Christmas Nights.

In the Festive Season you need to up the entertainment value. What better way than with a Fun Casino.

The Christmas party season can be tough on event organisers! If you have been charged with the job of planning a Christmas event for friends, work colleagues or an organisation/fundraiser then you need to find that wow factor. There’s a lot going on and you often must work within a tight budget. But you still need an event with a difference. A Christmas Casino Hire is the answer for you.

A few Christmas theme ideas...

Parties & Celebrations.

A Fun Casino is a great way to let your hair down before or over the Christmas period. Whether it’s in your home or at another venue, friends and family will have a great time, getting together and enjoying the festive atmosphere.


A lot of people avoid December and January when looking at Fundraising which means your Event will stand out. Fun Casino’s are a great addition to a meal-based event or to add to a disco or live music for those who don’t dance.


Each year we run corporate events during the festive season and the organisers say why didn’t we think of this before! So many people go down the traditional route of a Xmas meal or drinks party. Its also complicated by the fact there is so much competition for customers time around Xmas. So you need to give them a reason to say Yes to your event. What better way than a fun event like a Casino Party!

Christmas Tips Time.

Here are some do’s, don’ts and good practice tips for your Christmas event:


Because its Christmas you will have to get in early if a venue has to be booked, otherwise it could be a compromise and that may affect the success of what you have planned.


Do make sure that there isn’t something “big” on eg an already well established event, Xmas Lights switch on etc.


Do look around for Xmas decorations early if you think you need them, bargains can be had earlier in the year.


Because of the time of year everything will be decorated so don’t worry too much about theming, most of it will be done for you. Although you might want to theme it away from Christmas or add to what’s there.


Don’t invite people later than October, diaries fill very quickly at this time of year.


Don’t forget a Christmas event can include festive music so involve your local choir in a short rendition of carols and traditional songs.

Good Practice.

People are already looking toward their Christmas break so make sure you don’t cut corners and be seen as Scrooge like!

Good Practice.

Even though your event may not be a fundraiser at this time of year people are switched on to giving, so invite a local charity down or let the choir be the benefactor.

We’ve got plenty of Fun Casino Party and Event ideas and suggestions for you based on the experience that comes from helping many other people with their events. So get in touch with us.

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Pure Entertainment.

Done properly mixing a Fun Casino with entertainment is a winner every time!

To make your event a success you may want to add additional entertainment to our Fun Casino or use Casino Knights as an extra element to the main entertainment. Whatever the case we can help and advise you on what has worked at other events. We can also advise on how to build other entertainment strands into your Casino experience, or how we can fit in with other activities and performances.

A few Entertainment ideas...

Here are a few broad entertainment categories that we already effectively work with and things you should consider:


Whether it’s a live performance or a DJ playing tracks the Fun Casino is a great match. The casino action can take place earlier in the event and also fill in for any breaks. The best way to include any music is toward the end of the programme, when people have socialised and are feeling less inhibited for dancing etc.

Floor Entertainment.

The best example of this is the magician who walks the floor of an event, showing groups of people their tricks. It’s a great ice breaker and this isn’t  a role just reserved for magicians. You can book caricaturists, singing waiters, impressionists, ventriloquists, mime artists, jugglers etc. The list is endless.


A live act or performance is a real showstopper. It can be a local amateur dramatic group or a professional troupe. Whilst it’s been a staple for many business dinners the comedian is still a popular choice, and they don’t need to be blue!


Have “famous” people walking around the venue to add interest and glamour. And of course “selfie” opportunities.


There are a lot of games and amusements that you can hire in such as a Rodeo Bull Ride or Fun Fair “Hook-a-Duck” or a shooting gallery. For a larger outside event, bigger soft play games go down well.

Presentations and Speeches.

Where an event is for a business, organisation or charity its always good to bring everything together with a guest speaker. This doesn’t need to be a boring monologue, many events like this use a well -known celebrity or a local dignitary with good public speaking skills to amuse, entertain and put a message across.

Tips Time.

Just a few do’s, don’ts and good practice tips for your Entertainment event:


When organising an event put yourself in the audience’s position, what would you want to do and see.


Do always check on the entertainment you choose, either get referral’s or better still attend an event they are at.


Always give entertainers and speakers a time limit, a start and end time, it’s easy for somebody to get carried away and eat up your timings!


Don’ts – you mustn’t forget to discuss what’s happening on the night with the venue management team, there may be problems eg noise after a certain time. And they will no doubt have had similar performers and entertainers and can give you tips etc.


Don’t get carried away and put on too much entertainment. For example a Fun Casino and Disco will fill five hours easily.


And finally don’t get worried by the things that happen with live entertainment, your audience won’t even notice!

Good Practice.

When you include entertainment try to link it to the general “theme” of your evening. For example if you are raising money for a sports club then brief a comedian on the sport and ask him to use it in his act.

Good Practice.

If there is a speaker then, more obviously, get a celebrity from your sport or a regional official who is used to public speaking.

Good Practice.

A good idea with a linked evening like this is to have a nominated Master of Ceremonies role. This can be a confident club member or an actual MC.

We’ve got plenty of Fun Casino Party and Event ideas and suggestions for you based on the experience that comes from helping many other people with their events. So get in touch with us.


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