Turn a Dream into Reality

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We have put together suggestions to help you make your celebration or event an even more unforgettable experience...

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Casino Knights
Themed Events

There are many different themes which work really well with a Fun Casino.

A themed Casino event really allows you to make it that extra bit special.

With a little imagination and advice from us, we can make your themed night exceptional.

See below for some ideas to get you started.

A few theme ideas...

Bond 007

It’s a simple theme, Bond’s in a Tux, villains as they appear in the films and other glamorous guests. Easy to organise with a few props around and not too hard for guests, who can go as far as they want!

Fancy Dress Nights

There aren’t too many opportunities to wear fancy dress these days, but a Fun Casino night is one. You can theme it Wild West, Super Hero's... the list is endless.

Glamorous Las Vegas, Hollywood or Bollywood

Get the catwalk props out and just ask people to come looking gorgeous!

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders has fast become a very popular themed evening. Whether you fancy yourself as Thomas Shelby or Aunt Poll or just an excuse to dress up in this 1920 era.

Black & White Ball

So very simple, dress up in black or white or a maybe black and red to keep it Casino Themed? And props can be all manner of things mono!

Music Based

Whether its Glam Rock, 70’s Disco, Abba, 80’s Retro or Punk, guests can dress up and the music can be themed by your DJ or better still your Tribute act.

Call us to discuss ideas and suggestions for adding a Fun Casino to your party.